Jan Camp is an experienced book designer who brings classical tradition and current technology to my projects. She is a joy to work with—smart, intuitive, skillful and efficient—and she is an artist and photographer, too. I highly recommend her!
—Patricia Adler, author of My Father Who Is Not In Heaven and Beyond the Hedge

Book by Dorothy Crews HerzbergJan Camp, my amazing book designer, went beyond professional expertise, bringing a sense of humor and delight to the story of Letters from Nigeria as it unfolded. She is a wonderful Editor. Without her patience, wisdom, and extraordinary talents my books would not have happened.
—Dorothy Crews Herzberg, author of Letters from Nigeria, An Enduring Friendship, and Cameos

Memoir by Charlotte S. GrayThe book layout looks so natural, just how I wanted it thanks to my editor Jan, and her design and photo formatting skills. But most of all she has been an invaluable guide for me with her gentle and enthusiastic support of the whole project.
—Charlotte Schiander Gray, author of a memoir and a novel

Jan Camp brought good taste and professional savvy to what felt, always, like a collaborative effort to achieve the design—of the cover and the text—that best served my book. I have nothing but praise for this collaborative process and the end product. When the first copies of Muses came, I was struck by the beauty of the interior—type size and style, placement of the poems just where your eye wants to see them. I couldn’t really imagine the bound book from the proofs—but the designer certainly could.
—David Hathwell, author of Muses, and Between Dog and Wolf

I could not have published The Unfinished Feminist without all of Jan Camp’s help. It was such a boon to me to have her to work with.
—Beth Glick-Rieman, author of The Unfinished Feminist, and seven previously published books.

Thanks for including me in the gallery book event. It was fun, and it was very good practice for me—not to feel self-conscious. Everyone was so relaxed and friendly.
—Anna Marie Taylor, co-editor and distributor for Course of Action

It’s been a delight to work with Jan Camp. What I find impressive is her admirable quickness in working and getting back to me, her reliability, and, most of all, her artistic and photographic talents and marvelous eye. Not to mention her charm.
–Ruth A. Hanham, author of Hiding from Hitler

Thank you Jan. Dunbar and I loved working with you. We get many compliments for I Do What I like. Hope we will see you when you are next in Berkeley.
—Annegret Ogden, author of I Do What I like

Thanks to Jan Camp, my best American friend for her unwavering understanding despite the difficulties of language.
—Elma Gasse, author of Quand mon «je» a recontré mon «moi»

Jan Camp’s book, Hoopdance Revolution, is a fabulous overview of the hooping movement, and highlights so many of the superstars in our community. These amazing pioneers are given the recognition they deserve through Jan’s work, and I am happy that this story has been documented so accurately.
—Gabriella Redding, co-founder of Hoopnotica.com

 world of books by sas colbySas Colby, Artist & Teacher

My experience working with Jan is always illuminating and successful. The Kickstarter video was highly effective in creating interest for raising funds for my project, and Jan’s expertise in guidance for prepress helped me to fulfill the projects full potential.

vita wells artist videoVita Wells, Visual Artist

Starting with my rough narrative and combining pre-existing video with freshly produced material, Arc Light created an elegant short film about my recent public art installation. Jan Camp saw the potential, before I did, in what became Flights of Mind.

ninja hoops performance videoMarria Grace, Ninja Hoops

I have been a part of dozens of photo and video shoots in my life as a performer. For our Ninja Hoops shoot, Arc Light Digital Media conducted themselves in the most professional manner. They had a strong vision and executed the shoot with ease. They were fast and focused, offering well-informed feedback. Not to mention, Jan was sweet and funny, making it a positive experience. The results of the shoot were top notch and useful in helping to promote ourselves.