Beyond the Hedge: A Fable for Old and Young

Beyond the Hedge picture book for young and old by Patricia AdlerWriters’ Block
Berkeley, California
ISBN: 978-0-9634167-2-8
US $ 12.99

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A picture-book with illustrations and adapted text by Patricia Adler.
Original story by Barbara Trian.
Prepress, design & cheer by Jan Camp.

This story is about an advanced civilization of hedgehogs. It allows audiences of all ages to consider what is outside the known and how one might cope with it.

Patricia Adler has created a visual delight. Beyond the Hedge is an engaging story. It introduces ideas that can stimulate deep conversations. What does it mean to look beyond the hedge? And how can we build safe communities, where elders have opportunities to pass on their wisdom to younger generations? We have much to learn from the well-educated hedgehogs in this fable.
—Rona Renner, RN author of Is That Me Yelling?