Consultation & Coaching

Consultation and coaching for Self PublishingIf you are an author who wants to do most of the process of publishing yourself, you may only need the right information at the right time, or someone to hold your feet to the fire. Arc Light Books is here to brainstorm, help you find motivation in times of doubt, and direct you to resources—all billed at an hourly rate. If you commit to design, or are accepted for publishing with Arc Light Books, consultation and coaching are integrated into every stage of our work together.

Knowledge Base

Jan Camp applies first-hand, professional knowledge of both the writing and publishing process to your project goals. She brings twenty-five years of experience as a graphic designer in both traditional printing and digital publishing to help you strategize. Her background in digital and fine art photography will guide you toward understanding printing requirements for images to enhance your book’s cover, or as illustrations for your interior writing. She can advise you whether images will benefit from retouching if you are in doubt about their quality.

Delivery Style

In addition, Jan brings you a personal, adaptable style of coaching, developed over many years of creative consulting with writers and artists. Our client testimonials cite Jan’s patience and wisdom, gentle and enthusiastic support, sense of humor and collaboration, friendly personal vision, quick response time, unwavering understanding, and her ability to strategize.

♦ The key to maximizing consultation and coaching is being prepared and following through