Submit Your Manuscript

To submit your manuscript to Arc Light Books, use our contact form to tell us about your project. If it seems like a fit a complimentary consultation will give you advice whether or not you publish with us.

Manuscript submissions to ten traditional publishers and ten agents can also be fruitful, even if you know that you want to self publish. Every agent and publisher has specific interests and researching them gives you the greatest advantage. Your job, before submitting proposals, is to find the best match for who you are and what you are writing, and to follow the stated guidelines for what to send and how to send it. Find your targets by searching in bookstores for books that seem comparable to yours, making a list of those titles and publishers. You can search the Internet for descriptions of literary agents and publishers.


If the sensibility, mission, and submission process of the agents and publishers you target are well matched to your project, one in ten will bear fruit. That does not necessarily mean getting accepted for publication with an advance. Rather it means looking at your book, and getting feedback, from a new point of view. In order to submit your book or book idea to agents and publishers, you have to follow a variety of submission guidelines. These always include: a sample of writing presented from their stated point of view, a comparison of your book with other notably published titles, the definition of your audience, and your marketing proposal. For self-publishing authors, the fruit of submission comes in two varieties.


The first reward is constructive criticism, or encouragement from a professional you respect or admire. Before giving feedback based on a submission, an agent or publisher may request the whole manuscript. In that case, even if the book is ultimately rejected, you might get specific advice, which can be used to rewrites passages, or general feedback that can be used to strengthen the book’s structure.

Point of View

A second reward of this process is perspective. Each entity states their requirements in light of their mission, so just reading the submission guidelines and conscientiously attempting to satisfy them gives you a fresh perspective on your book. If you target ten agents and ten publishers, you get twenty different ways to look at your book with a fresh point of view.

Arc Light Books highly recommends taking advantage of twenty submission to make your polished manuscript even better.

♦ The key to successful submissions is research, selective targeting, and adapting your proposal to each set of guidelines