Presenting Your Work Online

Since the early 1990s Jan Camp has been helping writers and artists with websites that serve their goals

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Writer Sites: Memoir, Historical

Book Artist Sites: Joell Jones, Sas Colby, Cay Lang, Ruth Gendler

Along with social media advice Jan can help you with your website. For a site on your own host we chose WordPress from many platforms in use. It is responsive, user and social media-friendly technology that is constantly kept up to date with the newest features and security. For do-it-yourself platforms, we recommend and Jan Camp will also advise you on revamp and existing site.

At Arc Light Books you choose how much or how little you want to do yourself. To begin work on your site, you’ll need to make space in your schedule to respond to questions, generate content and images for pages, and create keyword lists specific to your audience. The information you provide creates the story of why your project is notable.